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or a good spot to hang out for the night?

Ask at your neighborhood bar. There are several.

There will be young people there so I’d like to try and keep the lyrics appropriate if possible. Also I wouldn’t mind a durangense and bachata playlist too.

It really depends on what style of salsa you want. Do you want old school music or more modern stuff? Same goes for Merengue. Pit Bull has some good songs that can be used for Merengue. Some fo the best bands for Bachata are Aventura, Xtreme (Te Extrano bachata version is amazing!), Don Omar is great too.

Something you can do is go on Pandora, and type in a song or artist you like and then let it make a playlist for you then go and the songs. that way you get exactly what you want.

Ella y Yo is also a great bachata.

Also, look up D.J. Flex and Makano

disfruta de mas videos presiona (RITMOSON11)

Duration : 0:9:48

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Artist: Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40
Song: Mi Bendición (Video Oficial)
Album: AsondeGuerra (2010)
Genres: Bachata, Merengue, Música Tropical, Música Romántica, Música Cristiana
Country: República Dominicana

High Definition (HD) & High Quality (HQ) Alta/ Buena Calidad

Nuevo Merengue cristiano/ New Latin Christian song
Luckymann’s Music

Duration : 0:3:48

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Merengue Dance with Aloke and Radost

Duration : 0:3:5

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The new hit of Omega – Merengue Electronico (2010)

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Salsa Merengue Bachata course at the FH-Frankfurt am Main, 03Jul2007

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Before it was called "Salsa" it was just "Cuban music," or "son" and look up all the early bands that were started. In the 1910′s and 1920′s, they were all Black groups. And racism held them back at the beginning in Cuba, but now the entire Central and South Americans moves to that groove. It’s been adopted as an intrinsic part of what it means to be Latin American.

You JUST told me something I already knew through History class, so …thanks for the review.

Ok im having my 15 in september and I need a bachata and a merengue song so me and my court can dance. I want songs that are new not old. I dont want a slow bachata and I want a merengue that has its reggeaton parts like the song "Mi Alma Se Muere." Please help me!

I havent heard any recently just check around for aventura and sometimes daddy yankee and wisin y yandell have good songs worth dancing too. Don Omar’s "angelito" isnt bad either or just simply go to