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Learn to Salsa Dance – It will Change your Life!

Today is something of an anniversary. It’s an anniversary to the day my first dance teacher told me, “Salsa Dance, it will Change your Life”. I think I’ll ponder on this for a moment, as I try to convince you to Learn to Salsa Dance.

That was nearly two decades ago, and sure enough, salsa dancing had an effect on me that I could scarcely have imagined when I was dragged, kicking and screaming, from my ivory office tower. Since that time, I’ve seen countless people similarly affected, and since that time it’s become my mission to reach out, find and teach people like my past self – people whom would never have given dance a second thought.

It’s been a crazy experience. If someone had simply pulled me aside while I was CEO of a major startup, shook me a bit, and said:

“Dude, you have to learn to dance, I mean really … it’s going to change your life”, my first thought would have been, “how can I get far away from this guy, quickly …”. My 24/7 work days, filled with endless corporate climbing and business intrigue didn’t really allow for such thinking. My life was simply my work, as it is for so many others – especially those overachievers on the startup or corporate fast track.  There’ simply no space to entertain out of the box thinking – especially with your time.

It’s likely this understanding that makes it possible for me to reach so many people. I’ve seen the life-changing benefits firsthand, but I’ve also felt how hard it was to reach me, to get me out of my shell.  I’ve experienced firsthand the immense difficulty and hurdles other people faced in breaking me out of my shell. Time and time again, i’ve experienced that same difficulty as I reach out to others.  Getting someone to take their first steps in dance is HARD!

It’s not just salsa dance – but all dance (different dances certainly appeal to different people). Even if you get them to take a class, it’s really the entirety of the experience that changes lives – not just the dance, but likely the music and the social experience as well, that comes together to change someone.

Specifically, the major changes I see time and time again, brought about by learning to dance, are general happiness, fitness, health, a more positive and open outlook, and the grand-daddy benefit fo greater charisma, charm, and confidence in your own skin. Who doesn’t want these? Who couldn’t use them?

But how, how do you convince people to take that first step? People don’t necessarily want their lives changed. I suppose certainly some do, but I certainly didn’t, or at least so I thought. I thought my life was just fine. I was wealthy, powerful, and engaged in a field I had a genuine passion for – what more could I want?

It turns out the answer to that question, and the reason dance has such a powerful effect on those that will give it a try, is very personal to each individual, yet, somehow, something that we all share. It’s connection. Depth. Passion. Life. Community. Soul. Vitality. Grounding. It’s all these things, to each of us.

My passion for teaching dance runs out of me when I teach. I get animated, excited, and very, very vocal, because I believe that’s what necessary to reach people whom don’t even realize they may have something missing in their lives. I was lucky, dance and music spoke to me the minute I stepped foot into my first salsa club. But it’s not as earth-shattering an experience to everyone.

Now, I teach dance, I teach business, I teach marketing, and my passions run free.  I’m not sure what, if anything, I can say to get you to give it a shot, but I will say (without getting too sales-y), I created a Salsa Dance Mastery System that is simply unlike anything else around. It’s step by step, 5 DVDs, that progress you from your basics to a strong intermediate level.

So, once you take that first step, likely in your local club, dance school, or perhaps a ballroom, you’ll have a clear and well though out guide, like no other.

Learn to Salsa Dance – We’ll Help!


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I’m guessing there’s a lot of Beginning, and lower level intermediate dancers out there, and wondering if this system is for them? The answer … Nope! This is really an ADVANCED SALSA system, and there’s nothing else like it out there (anywhere).

Before we talk about the details, if you are a beginner, or intermediate dancer, you’ll want to start with our regular Salsa Dance Mastery System. It’s five massively packed DVDs filled with real step by step dance instruction, starting off from your very first steps. You can Learn to Salsa Dance!  Don’t be fooled, this DVD system gets quite far, and can be pretty challenging …

But for the Salsa Dancers, those who already salsa dance every night, and are completely hooked, and have perhaps been dancing a few years, your options are limited (right?). We made this system for you. Intermediate improvers whom are beyond all the classes, have taken their share of private lessons, and want more. A well thought out series taking you to the next level …

It’s a massive six dvds of purely awesome advanced salsa dancing from 8 master teachers (people who can really teach, and break down the intricacies well), all done to great music, with fantastic multiple camera angles (to catch all the action). This is not an amateur production – this is a high level system that’s thoughtfully and beautifully produced. There’s nothing else like it.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced salsa dancer, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Just take look, and take your salsa to the next level.

As with all SalsaCrazy videos, it’s completely guaranteed, and has rave reviews. You’ll love it …

Get yourself some Advanced Salsa Instruction …

Wedding Dance! It can be tough to prepare. It can be tough to feel ready. And if you’ve never danced before? Well, you’ve got enough to worry about with your upcoming wedding without adding your first dance to the list.

That being said, things can go so much better with the right wedding songs, the right wedding dance instruction and the right practice. We sell an amazing 5 DVD mastery system that covers everything, but that wedding dance dvd is not what this article is about.  This is about what to do before, and after, you get yourself those wedding dance classes (and or, our DVD). Because, let me tell it to you straight… that’s just the first step (quite literally).

Yes, our DVDs answer all your questions, but the biggest one is … you’re going to have to practice. So, regardless of whether you chose a swing dance, a waltz, a foxtrot, or a salsa dance, you’re going to have to practice with each other. This should be fun! Pop a bottle of bubbly and make a night of it (or three). Yes, it will take a little more practice than one night, or one lesson, but it’s worthwhile as a way to prepare for the big day.

The other wedding dance tips? Stay calm! Smile! Relax! Enjoy! Yes, that’s all one tip. Dancing can stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before, but don’t let it stress you out. Dancing, at it’s very core, is a fun activity. Tap into it, and don’t let your fear of dance get the better of you. I’ve seen this time and time again … because …

Wedding Tip number 3 – you’re wedding dance doesn’t have to be judged by So you Think You Can Dance judges! American Idol judges will also, likely, not be at your wedding. It only has to be perfect for you, and with the right attitude, it will be. Practice and great dance instruction, round out your ability to tailor and craft a wedding dance that will last you a lifetime.

We all have to take dance classes, that’s how we get started with just about every dance.  In fact, just recently, I had to start yet again, as a beginner, in swing dancing. Yes, having mastered one dance certainly helped to learn another, but no, it was not easy, and no, it was not fun to start out again as a beginner.

There’s a certain frustration that evolves when you want to be able to express yourself in a dance, envisioning yourself being able to do it, and then not being able to because you simply can’t complete the moves, or keep the timing, or conquer the ebb and flow of the dance steps.  So, as I struggled through learning the new dance, I went back to the basics, to focus on the three tips to dance class mastery.

Apart from the basics – smile, be happy, pay attention, etc … there are three things I’m doing that are going to make all the difference. You expect me to talk about dance videos, and yes, they are important, but they’re really the means, rather than the end, much like finding a dance partner. The end is … practice and repetition! You want to improve, and be the star? Practice! Even 20 minutes, with a partner, and perhaps a dance video, and you will soar to the head of the class.  I can’t stress this enough. It’s the bread of learning, and here comes the butter.

Which brings me to point #2. If you’re goal is to social dance, then you have to practice social dancing! It’s not enough to steal away with your dance partner, watch videos, and practice moves in a studio. You have to get out there and fumble around, and that is tough when you’re a beginner. Comfort yourself in the knowledge that you will someday master the dance – and be the person people line up to dance with. You’ll need that comfort in your mind, because right now, you likely suck. :)

So, as you practice with your dance videos, search out willing dance partners. and struggle to survive more than five minutes of social dancing, remember rule number three. Take it to heart, and go easy on yourself. Enjoy the process. Everyone goes through it. No one is born knowing all the moves. While it’s true, some have natural skills, regardless of your innate skill, you will master the dance. But is that really the end goal? Is that the end game?

I look back on my learning process, before I became “SalsaCrazy”, and before I took it all so “seriously”, and I realize the learning process, and being a beginner, and working through the basics, were some of the best times I’ve ever had out dancing (and in life). They were exciting, they were crazy, and they’re cherished. Tip #3 – stay positive, and enjoy the process – every second of it.  Learn to dance, it will change your life.

VIS 2012 – The Vancouver International Salsa Festival

It’s almost here, and SalsaCrazy is going to salsa dance! This festival has me pretty excited. After years of attending every salsa congress and salsa festival in the world it takes a lot to get me excited.  There’s only a few festivals around the world that I haven’t been to, that are consistently talked about and rated highly by attendees … and Vancouver, now in it’s fourth year, is one of them.

This looks to be a stellar event, with full passes having been sold out for months. Check out the Salsa Festival Website because yes, there’s still ways to get passes (especially to the night time events). This festival has been getting rave reviews from everyone I talk to as the model for organization, class, and of course, fun!  Their marketing materials are awesome, funny, and really get you pumped to attend.

And my standards are absurdly high. It’s not enough to have a great lineup of dancers, endless dance floors, or great performances, or even  great organization. I’m looking for beautiful and fun cities, amazing hotels, top notch music, and a focus and understand of social dance. That’s what makes a festival for me.  It’s a mixture of everything combined … (plus a great bar).

So after 4 years, it looks like I’m actually going to be able to go to the Vancouver Salsa Festival. My tickets are booked, my hotel is reserved, and I’m ready to travel, explore, and have an amazing vacation (I am not teaching or performing). That being said, you’re always welcome to buy me a drink. ;)

Keep Dancing, and Keep it Crazy!

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