Learn how to dance the Merengue with basic steps for ladies in this free Latin dance lesson on video.

Expert: Leslie Sack
Contact: www.lesliesack.com
Bio: Leslie Sack has been teaching, performing and competing in Latin and ballroom dancing for the past 12 years. She was an award-winning teacher and dance competitor for Arthur Murray Dance Studios.
Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

Duration : 0:1:51

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10 Responses

  1. CraziCeci

    2010 Apr 10 1

    i dont know how to …
    i dont know how to dance and im mexican but im sure better than her ;) no offence lady lol

  2. DiZdym3pi3ce2nv

    2010 Apr 10 2

    dont harm yourself. …
    dont harm yourself.. instead of the man getting shot seems like you did.. DISSAPOINTED!!!

  3. DiZdym3pi3ce2nv

    2010 Apr 10 3

    This video was a …
    This video was a disgrace to america and to dominicans! DO ME THE FAVOR AND STOP ATTEMPTING TO TEACH SOMETHING YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO! I am so disappointed that you said someone got shot in the left leg and he was limping.. wdf were you thinking.. how about you make some research and save yourself this embarrassment. MERENGUES HISTORY DOES NOT SAY THAT! it was slaves who were chain.. this ties into the drums and music. SOOO just do me the favor STOP. dont harm yourself

  4. Fr3shK1ng

    2010 Apr 10 4

    First of all… you …
    First of all… you stiff as hell, second of all ur not dominican..clearly!!!!! Who the is Colonel Merengue, I researched this guy and you came out, now imma falsify information about white people dancing…. the chicken wing came from colonel chicken wing in the revolutionary war… an african american stabbed in him one arm and shot him in the other and then laughed while he tried to pick up his rifle. Then he said look “a chicken wing”

  5. fucktheworldd09

    2010 Apr 10 5

    no offence but she …
    no offence but she needs more rithem other than that she needs an ass. [:

  6. oNeHeCtOrLaVoE

    2010 Apr 10 6

    merengue and salsa …
    merengue and salsa is something we learn from watching and coping as little kids… you dont need a teacher!!! this made me laugh…

  7. MZ358

    2010 Apr 10 7


  8. hapinessFOREVER

    2010 Apr 10 8

    This is not …
    This is not merengue!!!I am not a teacher but I can dance better than you

  9. mainspirit

    2010 Apr 10 9

    Tremendous credit …
    Tremendous credit for putting yourself out there but you truly don’t teach merengue by acting like you were shot in the left leg – there is much more than that.

  10. donnaj48

    2010 Apr 10 10

    Very good teacer …
    Very good teacer thanks

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