Learn how to turn with your partner when dancing the Merengue in this free Latin dance lesson on video.

Expert: Leslie Sack
Contact: www.lesliesack.com
Bio: Leslie Sack has been teaching, performing and competing in Latin and ballroom dancing for the past 12 years. She was an award-winning teacher and dance competitor for Arthur Murray Dance Studios.
Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

Duration : 0:1:27

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25 Responses

  1. cojeahi

    2009 Dec 20 1


  2. lamrand

    2009 Dec 20 2

    Instead talking …
    Instead talking about which country makes part of Latin Countries, enjoy the video…

  3. tufastidio

    2009 Dec 20 3

    jajaja, q hue.. …
    jajaja, q hue.. esto nada mas sirve p pelear y palabrear, no lo traduzco porque vivo en un pais latino, me tope con este video y vi los comentarios y me parecio interesante comentar sobre ello, pero yo no enseño idiomas sino a bailar

  4. crazygirl3495

    2009 Dec 20 4

    excuse me but they …
    excuse me but they are infact latin countries… latin countries are all those who were conquered by latin people in that was basicaly all over the world though then that culture basivaly disaperared but some of it remained and thats why spanish, italian, portuguese, french are alike because they have latin routes and latin america is called that way because that region was conquered mainly by spain who have a lot of latin culture in them…. im sorry i just cant deal with some ignorance, thanks

  5. crazygirl3495

    2009 Dec 20 5

    es cierto lo q …
    es cierto lo q estas diciendo pero nuestros bailes no viene del todo d europa si tenemos bastantes bailes españoles q nosotros cambiamos dependiendo de la cultura del pais pero la mayoria de nuestros bailes son provinientes de africa y que importa que seas rubia de ojos azules eso no significa que no seas latina ya que color de piel y ojos no tiene nada que ver con esto simplemente algo de genetica, porfavor si eres negro eres de africa? y ya que sabes tantos idiomas porque no lo traduzes tu!!!

  6. barakawsimu

    2009 Dec 20 6

    @Darkcasanova thats …
    @Darkcasanova thats not true at all

  7. tufastidio

    2009 Dec 20 7

    hasta los italianos …
    hasta los italianos son latinos, q ignorancia, de ahi viene todo, y ademas de tener sabor al vivir, podemos hablar otros idiomas, aqui esta la prueba; no como los gringOos q no se atreven a aprender nuestro hermoso idioma.. aprendanlo! no se les va a oscurecer la piel! a proposito yo soy rubia de ojos azules y soy mas latina de lo que muchos piensan.. Exito! Alguien traduzcanle esto a los q no saben español jajajajajaja

  8. Jc22ny

    2009 Dec 20 8

    Looks kinda Hard, …
    Looks kinda Hard,but interesting!

  9. Darkcasanova

    2009 Dec 20 9

    portugal and spain …
    portugal and spain are not latin countries. Latin countries are countries located in Latin Amerika.

  10. Khemistry101

    2009 Dec 20 10

    That’s Merengue!!!
    That’s Merengue!!!

  11. MQadah1

    2009 Dec 20 11

    hell yeah thats ture
    yeah thats ture

  12. estilo20011

    2009 Dec 20 12

    they did good. Why …
    they did good. Why must there always be haters. No les sean odiosos.

  13. Elacoutto

    2009 Dec 20 13

    latin music it’s …
    latin music it’s not only for blak people!

    Portugal and Spain, for example are latin countries – - ‘

    I’m portuguese, I’m latin, and I’m white!
    And I dance

    so… you’re wrong for saying that

    you should think before you talk

  14. jcampos19

    2009 Dec 20 14

    oh wow the …
    oh wow the hispanics commenting are so ignorant.. aprendan a leer, dice “how to”, obviamente es un video instruccional.. que brutos

  15. Xina711

    2009 Dec 20 15

    hey……give them …
    hey……give them credit! i think they’re dancing fine!! don’t get jelous!!! hehehe

  16. nanzforever

    2009 Dec 20 16

    wow!! too much …
    wow!! too much stomping. mija this aint dancing. latinas know how to dance!!

  17. ThePowerReturns

    2009 Dec 20 17

    u think it would be …
    u think it would be alot nicer if it had music, that way you sould be dancing to a beat. that would look nicer

  18. kissomint

    2009 Dec 20 18

    OMG I’m sorry but …
    OMG I’m sorry but that was awful. They look like they were marching in place.

  19. bubbashomeismine

    2009 Dec 20 19

    It is king of funny …
    It is king of funny that white people invented music! Romans

  20. deagla

    2009 Dec 20 20

    The Illuminati are …
    The Illuminati are bluebloods such as Rothschilds, Windsors, Warburgs, Al Gore & Pike etc who rule secret societies including Freemasonry. They’ll probably force-vaccinate much of the world with toxic crap in Fall, start WW3, implement Codex Alimentarius & internet 2 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government with you chipped. Support Oracle Broadcasting, Dr. Deagle, and Stewart Swerdlow!

  21. fightingmexican707

    2009 Dec 20 21

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha funny how white people think they can dance to Latin music

  22. Darliansakura

    2009 Dec 20 22

    ahhhhh!!! por Dios …
    ahhhhh!!! por Dios si eso s merengue…..sta gente me da vergûenza….deberian quedarse con su fox trox o lo q sea….

  23. happybabyily

    2009 Dec 20 23

    hahaha wtf!!!! …
    hahaha wtf!!!! bachata is easyer lol

  24. EricHamstaa

    2009 Dec 20 24

    no saben
    no saben

  25. tomas280192

    2009 Dec 20 25

    verla bailando me …
    verla bailando me da pena T.T

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