If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you have been exposed to merengue, you already know that this combines wonderfully quick moves with a great deal of grace. If you have ever been interested in learning merengue dance steps, there has never been a better time to start. Many people are a little bit intimidated by the look of the dance put together, but as with any complex series of moves , you’ll find that breaking it down will go a long way towards getting you the start that you need.

One of the most basic merengue dance steps is the Side Basic step or movement. In this movement, the man starts with his weight planted on his right leg, but on the first beat, he is going to touch his right foot to the inside edge of the left foot. On the half count, he will roll his left foot forward onto the floor. On the next beat, the man should bring his right foot up to center, recreating the pose from the beginning. The woman will do complementary steps and you will find that. This is the most basic step that you will find in terms of merengue and it is quite easy; simply work on making sure that your merengue dance steps match the rhythm.

The Forward Basic merengue dance step is usually executed after the step mentioned up. Starting with his weight on the right leg, the man then swings his right leg forward and in, and then on the half beat, the left foot rolls flat on the floor and the weight is shifted to it. Then, on the second beat, the left foot is slid forward to return to the start position, with the female partner doing the inverse, which is usually called a Back Basic merengue dance step. With this in mind, this is an excellent step to do in quick succession, forward and back. Work with your partner and work on getting your movements as smooth as possible. The beauty of the merengue is made up of the cooperation of two partners moving across the floor.

When you are learning merengue, you will soon see that it is considered an asymmetrical dance for a very good reason. The same leg is used to start off every basic move, a mnemonic that is an excellent learning tool for many beginners to remember. Remember that when you are working on getting the merenegue dance steps right, you should keep in mind the action of your hips. The more synchronized you can be with your partner, the more smooth and fluid your movements will look. Typically, when you are working on the merengue dance, the responsibility for the synchronized rests with the partner who is leading due to the fact that they ultimately have a great deal more control over the overall movement of the dance.

When you are learning the rhythm of the dance, which some would say is a much more difficult yet fulfilling enterprise. Most teachers will tell you that when you are working on learning merengue dance steps, one of the first things that you need to do is to get to know the music and find out how it moves you. If necessary, learn to count the beats in your head and visualize yourself doing the steps. The real art of the dance comes from incorporating movement and music, so that both are enhanced.

When you are learning merengue dance steps, keep in mind that cooperation with your partner is one of the most important parts. Having a partner who has more experience or is willing to learn at the rate that you do is important, so make sure that you work with them closely. You can learn a lot about timing in this fashion, and as any teacher will tell you, successful timing of your merengue dance steps is quite important.

Whether you learn from DVD’s, books or in person instructors, you’ll find that there are plenty of reasons to learn the basics and build up. You’ll be surprised by how fast you master the merengue dance step basics, and then you’ll be able to devote the rest of your time to the refinement of this art!

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